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Friday, 13 August 2010

A Change of Policy (Again)

Such is life, that I have been assessing how I go about blogging. As many of you realise I started about a month ago the 'Turnip Rail +Documents' site to showcase some of the documents in my collection. Alas, this site was not successful, and pulled down the main site with it. Before the new site was established, a lot of people who went to the main site for the documents, went on to look at other articles I had written. Yet by separating the two it meant that the cross-overs diminished. Alas, after the past three days in which no one actually visited the '+Documents' site, I am throwing in the towel with regard to it and changing policy.

Firstly, I will not be producing a document every day. This isn't in any way because I don't like doing it, in fact, it has been a pleasant journey discovering some documents that I had forgotten I had. No, it is primarily as it is more time-consuming than I expected and subsequently I cannot afford the time. I am also running out of interesting documents to post. Secondly, everything is now going to be consolidated in one place on the main Turnip Rail site, so that I get all the traffic coming to one site and then people can explore my work. Thirdly, I am going to be try and be a bit more sporadic by positing interesting things I find on the web to do with railways (if I find them, of course). Finally, I will in the next weeks be introducing the Turnip Rail Podcast...Well, here's hoping...Hoperfully, this'll get the figures of Turnip Rail up again...


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