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Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Note on the Dugald Drummond post

I have today deleted one post from Turnip Rail because, well, I don't agree with it. The post, written in 2010, was on the topic of the London and South Western Railway's Locomotive Superintendent between 1895 and 1911, Dugald Drummond. In the post I criticised him for his poor management of the company's Locomotive Department. As is the way with historical study, in mid-2012 I changed my views based on evidence. Since that time I have  modified and refined them considerably as research progressed and have ended up both praising and criticising Drummond in my thesis.

Over the years I have had numerous communications on the post with interested individuals and each time I have had to explain how my views have changed. Today, when I received another message, I just decided to delete the post (and I apologise to the individual who posted the comment). It was becoming very repetitive to keep communicating on this topic when the post did not reflect my views.

In due course I will write a post on what I actually think of Dugald Drummond.


  1. Hi David

    Enjoyed the few articles that I have read on your site. I am a researcher with the British Transport Police History Group - - and wondered whether we could make contact with you regarding any information you may have about the early railway police? We are dedicated to preserving the history of railway, dock and canal police, most of us are retired BTP officers.

    Look forward to hearing from you.


  2. Dugald Drummond was interesting.
    Apart from his disatrous 4-60's his machines were rugged & reliable in the extreme, so maybe not such bad value.
    Of course, a suprising number of supposedly competent designers failed when it came to going form the 4-4-0 to the 4-6-0 layout, including J G Robinson. The usual causes were bad draughting around the firebox & a failure to understand free steam movement at the front-end.

    Titally off-topic.
    I have a question regarding late 19thC train fares.
    As all the world know, the basic 3rd-class fare wad 1d a mile, but what were "Normal" 2nd & 1st-class fares & did it vary (particulalry the latter) from company to company?
    Subsidiary to that & quite by accident, twice in the past week, I have come across references to "chatering a special" [ As also mentioned in Conan Doyle's works ] - how much did THAT cost?
    I understand there was an up-front fee ( £25 ? ) but was there also a mileage rate on top, as well?

    Rather than put you through the tedium of a long answer, if there is a readily-available on-line source for this information, could you please point me towards it?

  3. I don't know what is Dugald Drummond, but if you write an article on it so why you can delete it? In web content writing everyone has to allow to give his opinion if you give an opinion so why you deleted and why you apologized?
    Please be brave and always write the truth and if you write a truth so never back.

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