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Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Document of the Day - Instructions to Drivers, Firemen and Guards

I thought that I'd share this document that I received through the post only today. As the title says it is a collection of rules and regulations regarding operation for Drivers, Firemen and Guards issued on the 18th February 1835, but which came into force on the the 31st March. Like the document presented yesterday I presume these were issued as supplementary to the rule book. As such I have posted below the contents which details what is contained in the document which is 49 pages long. I always love it when I get the name of the document's owner within it. While the document is water damaged, on the inside cover a simple pencil inscription of ownership can be read, 'S Butt, Driver, Nine Elms [depot].' The personal touch is always wonderful. (All pictures can be blown up by clicking on them)

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